The Sun in Vedic Astrology

Importance of the Sun in Vedic Astrology

It is a well-known fact that the Sun is a star. But, the Sun in Vedic astrology is a planet, as it has an effect on human beings. According to Vedic astrology, if the Sun is powerful in your birth chart, it will give power, position and authority. One’s career will be smooth if the Sun is powerful in the natal chart.

The Sun and its exalted position

The Sun has different positions in the natal chart. It differs from person to person. According to popular belief, exalted Sun in the birth chart is extremely powerful. The Sun is exalted in the first zodiac sign, which is Aries. When the Sun is exalted in the horoscope, the person becomes powerful, dynamic, authoritative and dominant. The person will also possess leadership qualities and be courageous. When in Aries, the Sun makes the person the centre of attention.

The Sun and its house

According to Vedic astrology, every planet has its own house in the zodiac signs. Similarly, the Sun has its house in Leo. When the Sun is in Leo, the person will be independent, forceful, dynamic, commanding and stubborn. According to popular belief, the person will be knowledgeable and will lead a comfortable life.

If the sun is afflicted in a person’s horoscope, it will make their life hell. One may not get the due credit for the tasks they perform, or they may not be on good terms with people. The sun usually gets afflicted by the malefic effects of Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. If the sun is afflicted in a person’s birth chart, they will suffer.

Importance of Sun sign in Vedic astrology

The Sun sign is the zodiac sign in which the Sun is placed in the natal chart. When the Sun is in different houses in the zodiac sign, its effects change accordingly.

Sun in Aries: The person is very creative and an idealist. When the Sun is in the right place, the person becomes a good leader. However, when the Sun is afflicted, the he/she can cause a lot of damage.

Sun in Taurus: The native born under this sign is blessed with the boon of marriage and children.

Sun in Gemini: People born with the Sun in this sign are very compassionate and value friendship. They are liberals and perform well in groups.

Sun in Cancer: These people have extremely dedicated and hard-working. They are usually authoritative.

Sun in Leo: People born with in the Sun in this sign are very proud. If the Sun is in the right position in Leo, they can show restraint. However, they can also be manipulative.

Sun in Virgo: People born under this sign aim for perfection and are very dedicated.

Sun in Libra: These people are materialistic. They seek success and wealth. They also like challenges.

Sun in Scorpio: The people born under this sign love to take on new challenges. They are also very helpful and try to bring about changes.

Sun in Sagittarius: People born with the Sun in this sign are very intelligent. They excel in what they choose and fight for justice.

Sun in Capricorn: These people are diligent and tough. If the Sun is in the right position in Capricorn, the native will dedicate themselves to their goals. However, if the Sun is in the wrong place, the native can be uncompromising.

Sun in Aquarius: People born with the Sun in Aquarius are creative and skillful. They are very diplomatic and sensible.

Sun in Pisces: The native is very clever, calm and creative. They are also dreamers and they tend to take risks to achieve something.

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