The Godly Connection Between Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotisha

There is a divine connection between sister sciences of Vedic Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotish vidya (the study of Astrology).Regularly practiced since the ancient period, all these ancient sciences are part of a foundational concept of the Five Natural Elements, which exist collectively, in the realm of divinity, the universe, and within our own bodies

The five intrinsic elements and their eternal link to Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotisha

These five elements or “panch mahabhutas” in Sanskrit are referred to as ether, air, fire, water and earth, and they evolve from finite to their base atomic form. There is a cycle of existence that continues perpetually that involves space giving way to wind, wind blows to create the fire, the fire burns high and melts, water flows and freezes to become the earth that we know of.

The teachings of Ayurveda, Yoga and Jyotish Astrology helps develop a profound understanding about the functioning of the five natural elements. Through this study we can transcend our human experience towards the Divine, by understanding the connection and interaction between the Sun, the Moon, the Earth and the Five Natural Elements.

Vedic Shloka(verse) in Sanskrit:

Tasmadva etasmadatmana akash sambhutah |

Akasadvayuh | Vayoragnih | Agnerapah |

Adbhyah prithvi | Prithivya osadhayah |

Osadhibhyosnam | Annat purusah ||

Translation in English: “Space came into existence from “maha atman” (supreme soul) - from space wind - from wind fire - from fire water - from water earth - from earth plants - from plants food - and from food human came into being”.

As per the Vedas, or the old Hindu scriptures dating back to 1000 BC, the universe and life on earth is born through materialization of these five intrinsic components. Ayurveda, Jyotisha and Yoga are basically connected and lack of knowledge in any one of this field without the other is inadequate and won't yield ideal outcomes for the practitioners.

The inter-relationship within these three sciences can be explained further by exploring the details of each one:

Ayurveda : Is the complete contrivance through which we can heal ourselves physically and psychologically by making the necessary changes required in our diet and lifestyle. A sound body and brain is one where all the five essential components are well-balanced and they work in synergy both inside our bodies and externally as in absolute arrangement with nature and our surroundings.

Vedic Astrology/Jyotisha: shows us how to mend ourselves by fitting ourselves with the planetary alignments and energies. Jyotish vidya treats the physical body through the Astral body. At celestial level, Sun symbolizes the crucial energy of life, Moon signifies the nourishing protective energy and Earth embodies the cultivating energy.

Yoga : is the process through which we can train our body and mind to self-observe and become mindful of its own nature. Yoga and particularly Hatha Yoga integrates the divine techniques of breathing, exercise and meditation to treat our spiritual and physical bodies holistically. The use of Hatha yoga is to develop awareness and self-control, which in turn transcends the practitioner to a higher form of consciousness.

The connection

In nature, instances of this interaction between the fundamental sciences can be seen in abundance. All plants on earth, particularly the Ayurvedic herb obtains the crucial life energy from the Sun during the day which is necessary to exist. At night, the moon light nourishes them helping in their growth and development. The five components, ether, air, fire, earth and water too plays a crucial part in the prosperity of this eco-system, keeping them well protected and cultivated.

Actually, certain types of seeds are planted during specific phases of Sun, as they are accepted to produce powerful herbs. Ayurvedic herbs are collected on particular seasons to prepare medicines, in view of phases of the Moon. These medicines are then used to cure all the common ailments that the herbs are produced to ail, healing a person from the inside out, holistically - as an exchange of Ayurveda, Yoga and Jyotisha, rising above our human presence towards the Divine.

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