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Our name, Vita Yoga, was born from two sources. The name Vita is a derivation of the company founder/head facilitator's surname, Vitale. In Latin and Italian vita means life or vitality. Yoga in Sanskrit and Hindi can mean the union of two or more things.


Vita Yoga is the embodiment of the union of life.


At Vita Yoga we are passionate about teaching authentic yoga. For us, yoga is a way of life - our way of being in the world. It's far more than an exercise and relaxation technique. We seek to share the rich and multi-faceted aspects of yoga with everyone who enters our studio.

We welcome you all, and invite you to join us on a yogic journey that will enrichen your life in a deeply profound way. Let your heart be opened and your illusions of 'self' crumble. We bow to the divine you. Our hearts welcome your hearts.

In love and light,​​

Russell Vitale- Founder of Vita Yoga​​​


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Yoga traditions and lineages are based on theories and practices developed beyond time itself. Traditions have survived and flourished for such a long time, because they actually work in dispelling illusion without illusion. Yoga in all its forms, will transform your mind and actions when applied with a healthy balance of discipline and flexibility. Yoga can simply live within a conscious breath or thought.

The activation of Chakras through yoga asana poses, helps the yogi and the planets to impress our consciousness with the thoughts and feelings (samsaras) that compel us to act in order to fulfill our karma and evolves toward their highest truth, that we are the embodied energy of the planets – each creation in different form, being born at different times and places.

Evolving beyond these individual forms is our destiny. The Chakras are the planets in our mental (Astral) body. Vedic Astrology is the study of the Soul’s Karma as shown through the Chakras. An Astrology chart is a portrait of the Chakras, which means “wheel” or “energy center.”

The two right middle squares of an Astrology chart are the fields of the Sun and Moon, which operate through the signs of Leo and Cancer respectively, and through the Ajna Chakra. Bordering those squares are the 2 signs of Mercury, which operate through the Visuddha Chakra, one chakra down from the Ajna. Bordering the signs of Mercury, the signs of Venus, and through the rest of the Zodiac.


In modern times the material world, aligned with illusory thoughts of this time (Kali Yuga) constantly challenges us all. When we work our material bodies through the action of asanas (poses) we release the tension of the mind and body, heightening the opportunity for clear consciousness and spiritual awareness to be cultivated and elevated.


At Vita Yoga we assist you to deepen your connection with your higher self. Your yogic journey is personal and you have the opportunity to venture into the unseen, intangible, multi-dimensional realms of life beyond form. By keeping the yogic door open to suggestions of new pathways of existence, you have the potential to open your heart, let go of your stories, and experience an abundance of positive life changes and possibilities.

At the apex of the sacred union of mind, body, and spirit, is the greater understanding and connection to our thoughts and feelings as human beings on mother Earth. A greater sense of gratitude for life and our environment unfolds in the present moment, with a deeper appreciation of the external cosmic, celestial dance that influences our internal energy centres. There is no separation between the stars in the skies and the stars within your own eyes. ​​